Family Sponsorship Program

If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, age 18 or over, you can sponsor certain family members to become Canadian permanent residents. If you become a permanent resident, you can live, study and work in Canada. If you sponsor a relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident, you are responsible for supporting your relative financially when he or she arrives. All sponsors are required to sign an undertaking to provide the sponsored person with the basic requirements from the day they enter Canada until the term of the undertaking terminates. The sponsor is required to commit to supporting their family members financially for a period of three to ten years. The exact amount of financial support is determined by how many family members are being sponsored. The duration of this obligation is determined based on the family member's age and relationship to the sponsor.

Through the family class category, Canadian citizen or Permanent residents may sponsor their close family for Canada immigration. There are certain immigration requirements for both, the sponsor and his/her sponsored family member to meet for application. Requirements differs depending upon the program chosen.

  • Spouse or Common Law Partner Sponsorship
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship
Requirements to sponsor:
  • He/She should be 18 years or old
  • He/She must prove that he/she meet certain requirements by the promise of supporting to the sponsored person financially.
Spouse or Common Law Partner Sponsorship
Through this category a permanent resident or citizen may sponsor his spouse or common law partner for become permanent resident in Canada.
To be sponsored:
  • He/She should be 16 years or old.
  • They should have valid proof of their marriage.
  • He/she must have medical and criminal background checks.
Dependent Child Sponsorship
  • He/She should be under the age of 19 and is not married.
  • He/She should have continuously been enrolled in study as a dependent.
  • He/She has a spouse during full time study but financially depends on a parent.
  • Or, since the age of 19, he/she has mentally disorder or physical inability and depends financially on the sponsor.
  • He/she must have medical and criminal background checks
Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

The Super Visa Program allows parents and grandparents to come to Canada as long-term visitors. Successful applicants receive multiple-entry visitor visas that may last for up to 10 years. Unlike standard visitor visas, which must be renewed every six months, a Super Visa remains valid for two years at a time.

  • They have to provide the proof of financial support from their child or grandchild whosoever sponsoring them.
  • Sponsor in Canada must meet the minimum income requirements.
  • They must shoe that they have purchased Canadian health insurance for at least one year.
  • They should have completed an immigration medical examination.
  • He/she must have medical and criminal background checks.

Manitoba Family Sponsorship Program

This category caters for family immigration. The family category, under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), is designed to assist Manitoba immigrant families who wish to sponsor eligible family members to the Manitoba region. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a government immigration program that selects applicants who demonstrate they have the potential and the desire to immigrate and settle themselves and their families in the Canadian province of Manitoba. A prospective immigrant may success under this category if he/she meets requirements described below :

Close relative
The immigrant applicant must have a close relative in Manitoba, who is willing and able to support your settlement.

Applicants must be between the ages of 21 and 49.

Applicants must have completed high school, one year of post-secondary training or education, and received a diploma or degree.

Work experience
Applicants must demonstrate at least two years of full-time work experience within the past five years.

Immigrant applicants must have completed both their high school and post-secondary training or education in either French or English; OR, they must have scored at least 5 on the IELTS exam.

Applicants must complete and submit a formal settlement plan. The plan must show how the applicant intends to adjust to life in Manitoba, and it must also bear the signature of a close relative who has been resident in Manitoba for at least 12 months. The settlement plans much contain the applicant's desired occupation.