About our MRC Firm

MRC has a simple and straight forward Mission: Total Immigration Solutions with utmost integrity, trust and ethics. By consorted effort, we have met the high standards of expectations of our clients in a highly professional and acceptable way. We are headquartered in Dubai for more than four years now and fulfilling the qualitative and quantitative needs of an ever increasing client base from the UAE and India.

Amongst all the immigration solutions, our company is becoming a niche Work Permit provider for Canada and New Zealand. We are also diversifying into the European market especially in countries with evolving manpower requirements like Poland, Portugal and Malta. We also provide assistance and full services for various Permanent Residence programs for Canada including PNP, Owner - Operator and Business. We have a committed and qualified team that has established an impressive reputation and built an unequivocal trust in this market. We pride ourselves on offering a responsive customized service while maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and dedication to client service. Our client list includes and is not restricted to trained and experienced people from the hospitality, Construction, Technical, Transport Industries and all other skills that are in demand globally.

We rigorously follow the ethics and code of conduct of the professional and government bodies of all the countries mentioned above. Our growth is fueled by a hard-earned reputation for quality, integrity, and excellence. Our best advertisements are the numerous happy and satisfied clients who have relocated to Canada, New Zealand and Europe to fulfil their once impossible dream. It is a satisfied client who gives our company maximum joy and utmost satisfaction.

Immigration is a daunting, complex and also now a long and time consuming task. With MRC on your side, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Assessing the prospects of success of each case up front
  • Personalized consultation tailor made to your needs and requirements
  • Expertise and knowledge to launch a successful application in the complex environment of immigration rules
  • Timely awareness of changes in selection criteria and immigration policies
  • Creative, realistic solutions to facilitate the success of the application
  • Providing updated status concerning the immigration process and application
  • Maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of clients
  • We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.